Restoring your piano to playing condition.

A piano is extremely complex, consisting of 16,000 parts! The precision engineered musical instrument has stood the test of time which not only makes it a part of the art of music, but also a work of art itself. Over the last decade, Northwest Piano Service has provided exceptional piano restoration services.

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Generally, this process is taken when a piano has sat for several years without regular complete piano service. We focus directly on the parts of the piano that are excessively damaged and in need of repair. The piano is thoroughly cleaned; the action tightened, aligned, and regulated; the hammers reshaped, fitted to the strings and voiced; and the pedals and dampers are adjusted to it’s desired playing performance.

“Matt did a beautiful job restoring the keys on my piano, as well as fixing hammers. My piano never sounded so good! Thank you!”   -Kristin Copeland / Piano Teacher


For the most part, this process requires disassembly of the whole piano for inspection. This is to determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced. The operations might range from just adding new hammers to replacing almost everything but the original piano shell. We concentrate on the entire structure to make it look, sound, and perform like a new instrument.

“I come home from work and can’t wait to sit at my rebuilt Conover grand and play for a few hours.  It’s incredible Matt!  I love it.  From cat puke to stellar tone, you’ve really done a terrific job rebuilding my piano thanks.”
-Craig King / School Teacher Salem Keizer

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