A big thank you to Reg Gregory for working his magic and doing such an awesome job at recycling old pianos!

This desk used to be an old Melodigrand piano that had seen better days. After we had removed many of the main internal parts such as the keys, action, strings, and plate, I put in a little bit of work on it to start getting it to what I had wanted it to look like. I stained a plywood cover for the original soundboard, and then I handed it off to Reg. I wasn’t expecting him to do much more than put it together, which would have been fine, but holy cow I had no idea what would be coming back! Reg hit it out of the park with a stain that matched the work I had already done, a metal plate over the pin block with custom piano part magnets, a lid re-purposed as a shelf that can be folded up when not needed, and shelving down below the desktop. I absolutely love the craftsmanship and care that was put into this project and I will definitely be using this desk for years to come. I’m typing this on the desk right now as a matter of fact!

Reg often takes old pianos to recycle them by turning them into fun art projects! Pianos that enter his shop are often transformed into desks, signs, and planters, among other things. His efforts are just one way that we at NWPS give old pianos new life.

Thank you so much for this amazing desk, Reg. It is so much better than I could have envisioned and I’m very grateful to have such a nice place to work. Thank you for giving old pianos new purposes in such artistic ways!